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released September 28, 2015



all rights reserved



Daimien Hartranft: Vocals

David Thomas: Guitar

Alex Baker: Bass

Ben Avila: Drums

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Track Name: Null
I am trapped in this ambivalence
I can't escape
My thoughts are only
Demolished psyche
There is nothing
And there is no one
I feel myself slipping into the dark

There is no end
To my suffering
There is only absence of destiny

I am alone
I am empty

I've waited so long to reach my final resting place
My journey into nothing has finally begun

I have had enough

Lay my body down

Close my weary eyes

Help me fall asleep

Take my life away
Track Name: Malign
I feel it taking me
I sense its presence

An evil stains my withered soul
It's destined to consume me whole
And when I die I'll never rest
I promise that I've tried my best

I clearly see it makes you writhe
When you look in my bloodshot eyes
I see disgust, I see distaste
I love it all, I'm so obsessed with hate

Feed me malignity

Perpetually inimical
Addicted to this wretchedness
Affliction plagues my every thought
I strip away the elegance
I strip away the elegance
I strip away the elegance
Destruction of the pure and good
Seems to me to be righteousness

I can't get away

It's all I ever want
It's all I ever need
It's all I ever crave
All of my self-control is gone

I can't take this anymore
My lust must be fed, I am a fiend
I can't take this anymore
My lust must be fed, I am a fiend
Track Name: Degenerate
Disconsolate shell of a man
Impervious to emotion

Melancholy disposition
Complete absence of sanity

Despondent and dispirited
Lugubrious degenerate

Condemned to expectations
Lower than hellish depths
Steadfast and filled with hate
Nothing can save me now

Nothing can save me now
Nothing can save me now
Steadfast and filled with hate
Nothing can save me now

Regurgitating everlasting sorrow
Sick to my soul and filthy to my core
I cannot stand on my own anymore

Disheveled degenerate

Beaten and damned
Broken and doomed

Track Name: Abjection
Cast off to the depths
This is my home
It's all I've ever known

Living this way all my life has stripped me of all consciousness
My broken mind resides in a black hole

This is where I belong
There is no right or wrong
I have truly become null and void

My nihilistic existence has plagued this world for too long
Absent of any hope or faith


Headed towards a bottomless destination
My tormented soul knows only desecration
My fleeting thoughts come to a halt
I feel the end approaching me
Addicted to the very thought of what has been destroying me

Its embrace is sweet, It's all I want
It's all I need, It's all I've sought
It coaxes me with its beauty
It sings to me its melancholy song

This is where I die

Falling deeper below into these never-ending depths
Into this void that takes my life
Track Name: Void
Here I am, finally at Death's gates
No longer shall I wait for the end

My patience has run short
Nothing's changed
All the pain still resides inside my broken soul

Torn apart, thrown away
Down and out, led astray
Nothingness is all that I want to feel anymore


Let me die
Let me die

Inside my brain is chaos
I can't ignore its presence, or the grip it has on my conscious
It's been killing me for so long
My life has been nothing but constant failure and disappointment

Every second of my life is a waste
I want this nightmare to finally end

Though I wish I'd found my purpose It's far too late for me to turn back now

I am becoming one with the dark yet everything feels the same as it always has;


I have tried for so long to feel like I belong
All I want, all I need, is right here inside me

As I begin to descend I feel all of the joy that's been masked by internal frustrations
Life is so beautiful, death is so permanent
Hate is contagious, and I am too weak to fight my way out of this void

I am home

I am home
I am home
I am home